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How did Blue Ray T-shirts come to be??


Well… started seversal years ago, (2009) the T-shirts that were offered by other companies were not to my taste so I started to design print and wear my own stuff. The reactions to my T-shirts were very favorable and orders were placed from friends etc. Being a keen scuba diver I wanted to wear designs that were different to the others out there and mainly featured sharks (because they are the best.)

Things just grew from there on a part time basis, working all day then printing all night to meet demand. Eventually things got big enough and in March 2018 Blue Ray T-Shirts was turned into a full time business. This comes with many benefits - you guys, our beloved customers get even more great unique designs and high quality prints at great prices and I don’t have to have a proper job anymore…

All our designs are done in house, we don’t sell other companies gear and everything we do is hand printed in the deep south of England on a farm with some sheep and woodpeckers. So it’s all good…………………….

All of my T-shirts sold are sent out using ZERO plastic packaging. I feel this is an important step towards playing a part in keeping plastics out of the oceans. Having dived and snorkelled all over the world and seen alot of plastic rubbish on our beautiful reefs, it's nice to know my customers also appreciate this gesture.

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